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What is inbound recruiting?

Inbound recruiting is a strategy based on employer brand content and marketing techniques. 

With these techniques, you attract, convert, hire and engage top talents efficiently by building a strong relationship with them throughout the recruitment process.


How does it work?


You drive the right
traffic to your
career pages


You convert

your visitors

into candidates


You optimize your

processes to hire top

candidates quickly

and efficiently


You turn your

candidates and

employees into







Employer branding




Social media


Career pages SEO

Enriched candidate


Improved usability


Talent relationship


Lead generation and

Talent nurturing

Candidate database​

Candidate experience

Employer surveys

and action plans

Social ambassador


A strategy in four steps

People are searching for information on the web on a daily basis. Just think of what you would do before booking a table in a restaurant or before buying a new car. You have a look on the Internet to see whether or not other people recommend this restaurant and if the car you have chosen is safe and reliable enough.


That’s exactly the same for talents looking for a new challenge! They search on the internet to find information about the

market and potential employers. But there is more! Even passive talents are active online and are paying attention to what's happening in their market! It’s an opportunity for you to provide them the content you want by setting up a real strategy.


Just like you worry about the client’s perception of your company, you should take into account the image you convey to your employees and professionals. It’s Employer Branding. You must define your own culture and values, discover what talents want, create your value proposition and spread it around to attract the right candidates.

Once you have defined your values, your goal will be to attract visitors on your career pages, convert them into candidates, make sure you hire the candidates you want now, keep the interesting ones for the future and turn all of them into promoters.

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How to drive the right traffic?

Inbound recruiting begins on the career pages of your website. Just like your corporate website is there to show your customers and prospects who you are and what you do, your career pages need to show what kind of employer you are and how interesting it is to work for you.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is key! Just like your customers must easily find your website, talents must find your career pages and your job offers in a couple of clicks. To do this you must optimize your job offers and career pages content to make sure you include the right keywords and maximize your ranking on specific searches.

  • Produce relevant content to enrich your career pages. For instance you can maximize your chance to attract people by writing articles on a dedicated blog, people searching for information on a specific subject may find you and land on your career pages.

  • Top talents spend a lot of time on social networks. Sharing relevant content and employer information on your social pages is a good way to connect with potential candidates and humanize your brand. Maybe your ideal employee is already amongst your followers.





You maximize your ROI by

adopting a long-term strategy.

What has been done remains

available for future campaigns.

No one-shot costs anymore.



Your content reaches a bigger audience, including passive talents.

You make people who are not looking for a new job opportunity aware that you exist and that you might be their future employer.

Better talent management

You develop tools and processes to build up a candidate database and manage the relationship efficiently. You minimize the risk to lose top talents along the recruitment process.



Thanks to your database, you have

a list of talents who have already interacted with you. You already know what they are interested in and what they expect from your company. 



You create a community of

promoters spreading your

messages and promote you as

an employer across their


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